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How can we export comments from Instagram?

We all know that comments on Instagram are not in chronological order and it's a pain to scroll all of them down under the post. It's way more convenient to read them in a spreadsheet on a wide screen of your monitor (oops spoiler alert!).


To export comments, likes or followers - use our Instagram Export Ninja

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to download comments from Instagram. You can be a beginner or a veteran blogger who always wonder how to get more followers on Instagram and tracks the comments for better understanding the needs of your audience. You also can be in the middle of the Great Online War with someone and have to closely monitor their activity in the comment section. And even if they dare to delete their naughty words and play innocent, you can simply throw their lie right in their face. Or you think how to delete an Instagram account and want to pack your Instagram bags. Or you can be a journalist and need comments to conduct investigations. The list can be endless...just like the possibilities of our Instagram Export Ninja.

How to use Instagram comments bot?

First of all, we want to answer your hypothetical question - no, nobody will know you exported their comments. We named our bot Ninja for reasons it leaves no trace. To use Ninja Comment Bot you need Telegram on your phone or PC whatever for you is convenient. Ninja save comments into the excel spreadsheet, so for me, it's more comfortable to read them on my computer, but if you have a widescreen smartphone you won't experience issues opening a doc file on it. Now follow the next guide:

    comments from Instagram posts or video
  1. Open Telegram and in a search bar enter this username @ninjacommentsbot. Click on it to open a message window.
  2. At the bottom of the window you'll see a button Start. Don't be shy hit that button!
  3. You'll get a greeting from the bot and the call for action.
  4. Now open Instagram and choose post which comments you want to save. Copy the link to the post and send it to the Ninja bot. Ninja will ask where you want to export comments. You choose Google Sheets as it's pretty much the only option.
  5. Depending on a number of comments, Ninja may need to think several moments before sending you a link to the Google Sheets.
  6. Now the fun part. Open that link, and you will find there all the comments to the chosen post including links to their author's accounts.

That's it! Bet you didn't realize it will be that easy like shooting fish in a barrel, did you? Now you can brag you know how to hack Instagram. Enjoy our bot and don't forget to share it with your friends!