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How to download IGTV videos from Instagram?

Instagram does not provide an easy way to download Instagram TV videos. We do! Our IGTV video downloader lets you save your or anyone elses Instagram TV videos in 3 clicks.

How it works?

  1. Copy Instagram TV video link (Don't know how or where? - read here)
  2. Go to our Instagram TV video downloader and paste that link to the field, you will be automatically presented with a page of IGTV video.
  3. Hit a download button or open a video and then right click + save as. Done โœ…

How can I download Instagram TV video on iOS or iPhone or iPad?

Unfortunatelly all iOS browsers like Safari, Chrome and others are built on top of Web Kit and there's no way you can download any video from the browser on iPhone or iPad ๐Ÿ˜ž But we have good news for your! We're about to launch:

  • iOS and Android apps for you โœ…
  • Don't want to install apps? We will launch Quick Actions for our Web Application โœ…
  • Advanced iOS user? We're are building shortcuts too โœ…

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How can I download IGTV videos on Android?

Just follow the how it works? instructions.

How can I download IGTV video on Mac OS or a PC?

Just follow the how it works? section.

Is it free?

Yes, our Instagram IGTV video saver is free to use.

What else can I donwload with your Instagram downloader?

Want to download stories, photos and videos - use our Insagram Ninja Copy tool. Running Instagram giveways in comments or likes, need to analyse profile followers or whom he follows - we have an Instagram data downloader Ninja for you.

That's an awesome tool!