How to download Instagram stories?

First, we'll answer the two biggest questions: yes you need a special app to download Instagram stories from someone's else account and no that someone won't ever find out that you used a story saver for Instagram online to copy Instagram stories. Now, let's move on.

Why would I want to save someone's Instagram stories?

Instagram stories were initially intended for uploading temporary photos and short videos which are only alive for 24 hours. That way we could share images in which we are not sure or which are just not that important to appear in our friends' feed. But soon enough Instagram stories became an effective marketing tool. Popular bloggers can make a profit from promotions in their stories without getting their audience spinning over too much advertising in their feed which is awesome. Instagram stories start bringing money which led to improving the content which is also awesome. Though many bloggers make their stories shareproof so you can't share them even with your Instagram buddies. This is the first reason why you could start wondering how to download private Instagram stories. The second reason is the stories are still temporary. So you need to download Instagram stories online to enjoy them whenever and wherever you want. For this purpose, you will need an Instagram story downloader online and a guide below.

How to download Instagram stories?

  • Open an Instagram story downloader on your PC or smartphone.
  • Open an Instagram profile from which you want to download Instagram story and copy the username.
  • Paste a copied username in the field at the top of the Instagram stories downloader and press the GET button.
  • You'll see a name, a userpic, a description of the selected profile, and a row of Instagram stories to download below.
  • Choose a piece of the Instagram story to download and click on a Download button.
  • The story will open in a new tab where you right-click on it and choose Save.

Mark that once the story expires you won't either see it nor copy story from Instagram. So make sure you're not late to copy Instagram story you loved.