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How to download private Instagram data?

Why everyone become so secretive these days? C'mon Janet! You live next door I know your everyday life routine what in the world can you probably hide under that Instagram lock? Anyhow today it's trendy to be mysterious. And this trend put certain restrictions on us, nosy people. But luckily for all of us, there is still a way to download Instagram stories even from people who don't want you to.

How to watch stories from private accounts?

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you in the first place if a person locked his or her Instagram account the only way to watch it is to ask for permission. Yeah, you can't monitor private accounts secretly. I know, it annoys me, too. But there is a silver lining, you can watch Instagram profiles, and save videos and other stuff from accounts that blocked you.

How to see who's blocking you on Instagram?

For this purpose, you will need our Instagram data downloader. First, think of who could possibly block you for no reason. Then paste his or her username in a blank field and press GET. If a profile is appeared to be private you will get the following notification: “Sorry, this profile is private. We can't download media from private accounts for now” And if a profile is public but treacherously blocked you, you'll be able to see all his posts including stories.

How to download private Instagram stories?

Once you figured out that profile of your interest is not so private, you can easily download IG stories from it:

  • Open an Instagram story downloader on your PC or smartphone.
  • Paste a username in a blank field at the top and press GET.
  • Click on the Instagram story to export. It will open in a new tab where you save it from the context menu (right-click for computers and tap and hold for smartphones)
  • You'll see all the information about the chosen profile and all its posts. Stories would be on the second row just safter the User highlights, which are also downloadable.