How to download highlights from Instagram?

Ninja-copy also let you download all the photos and videos from a user in single click.

  1. Open Instagram and choose a profile whose highlights you want to download. You can also download Instagram videos or stories and even choose a hashtag and get any pictures under that hashtag.
  2. Type @username of the owner of the highlights in the field at the top of an Instagram photo downloader. You can also enter a direct link to a photo you like. Click on the three dots button at the right top corner of the photo and choose Copy Link then paste that link in the field at the top of Instagram picture downloader and press Enter.
  3. After you complete previous steps, you’ll see all the posts of the chosen user, or under the chosen hashtag in the order, they were listed on Instagram. At the bottom of the photo, you’ll see a DOWNLOAD button. When you press it a photo will open in a new tab and then you right-click on it and save it.

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Remark: Instagram accounts which are protected or private are accessible by only their followers, which means those Instagram posts can not be accessed by our server. So, you can only download the public Instagram photos and videos.